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What if you could take payments online with an inventory management system, set up automatic emails for booking and events, AND allow for reviews and rebooking all for a great price?

Well now you can with the New & Improved Bounce Rental Solutions. Click the button below to take your party rental business to the next level.

Core Competencies

What you can expect from a software that will put you ahead like you’ve never thought possible.

Intuitive, Easy to Use Platform

Simple and easy to use and learn. Spend more time doing what you love

Online Payment Capabilities

Now you can make secure online payments that allow you to grow even faster

Inventory Management

Imagine all your inventory managed and documented automatically

Easy Automatic Settings

This covers booking, event reminders, reviews, rebooking and more

Oh yeah…and it’s affordable!
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What Others Have Said

I have used BRS for over 5 years now and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to switch from a paper-based to electronic system. The simplicity to get up and running and the flat-rate pricing made it an easy choice, especially at the monthly rate they offer. You can set up your products and categories extremely fast and make edits to them on the fly and are instant.
Trigve V.
The software is incredibly easy use, even as someone that does not have any experience.

The team is there to support you if needed but have designed it a way that shouldn't require much help.

It's very user friendly. I especially like that you can add an unlimited number of products.
Michael S.
The value of having this tool in my arsenal is nearly indescribable. My world would be so hectic without it's management functions that I would never even consider doing this business without it. The website it automatically creates looks great. Setting this thing up is extremely simple and intuitive. Customer service is unmatched and is willing to listen to and responsive to suggestions.
Eli S.

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