4 Reasons Why You Should Start A Bounce House Rental Business

Publish on: 01/07/2016

I started my inflatable (aka bounce house, moon bounce, bouncy castle, moonwalk) rental business back in 2002. Since then I’ve noticed an explosion in the number of party rental companies across the U.S. as the entrepreneurial spirit has swept the country.   


For me, there have been some bumps in the road. The recession in 2008 set progress back a few years and it took time to recover. But overall, I’m very happy I made the “jump”. Get it?

Here are my top 4 reasons to start an inflatable rental business.


1) Low Barriers to Entry

Starting a bounce house rental business

An inflatable rental company can be started with a minimum investment. You can easily get started for $10,000 or less assuming you already have a vehicle that can be used for deliveries. I started with just two moon bounces, a small trailer bought used and a tow hitch installed on my car.


Most bounce rental companies start out as part-time, weekends only businesses. This allows you to keep your day job while you grow the business, always staying cash flow positive.


Your website will be your main marketing tool and can be created very inexpensively with WordPress or Website Builder by GoDaddy. Or you can use website software built for party rental businesses, like Bounce Rental Solutions. Then you get a website along with online reservations and back office management tools (inventory control, invoicing, payment processing) for a reasonable monthly fee.


2) It’s a Fun Business

It’s nice to own a business that your customers (the kids and parents) get excited about. The kids are out-of-their-minds excited to see you arrive for setup. The parents are thrilled at the end of the day when your bounce house has kept the kids occupied and happy all day long.


If you have kids of your own, you will be their hero. But get ready for constantly being asked, “Can you setup a moon bounce in the backyard today?”.


3) Grow At Your Own Pace

You can start your business as small as you like at grow at a pace that is comfortable to you. I started with just two bounces and grew to four bounces my second year.


I then picked up the pace a bit in year three by adding four more bounces and by my fourth year I quit my regular job to run my inflatable rental business full-time.  


When you just have two bounces or four bounces, that is all the business that you can handle. You don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed with too much business before you are ready for it. You can only do what you have equipment to handle.


Compare this to a restaurant or sandwich shop. You may just have one location, but the flow of customers on different days of the week or different times of the day is out of your control.


4) Be Your Own Boss

Almost everyone who has worked for “the man” eventually wants to be their own boss. Starting a bounce house rental business is an easy way to do that, even if at first you still work for “the man” at the same time.


Even with a part-time rental business, you still get to call the shots and decide on your path to growth. It’s a good feeling knowing that all of the effort you put into building your business is to your (and your family’s) benefit. You control your own destiny, and that’s a good thing.  



If you are thinking about starting a business, a bounce house rental business may be the way to go. If your startup funds are limited, you can start slow and grow at a pace that works for you. You get to be your own boss and have fun at the same time!



About the Author

Rob Wright is Founder & CEO of Bounce Rental Solutions and Co-Owner of Boing! Bounce Rentals


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