At Boing! we have 30 something inflatables in our inventory.  Our warehouse space is limited, so when we want to add something new, we need to get rid of something old.  This actually works in our favor as it keeps us from hanging on to worn out or under performing inflatables. So most of what we have in inventory rents out pretty regularly, but we do have some standouts in our line-up.  Here are three that have performed really well for us.

1) 75’ Boot Camp Obstacle Course by Happy Jump

The unit we have is the 16’ tall version of their “Camo Obstacle Course 3”. We’ve owned this unit for a couple of years now and it has consistently been a top performer bringing in about $20,000 per year. Choosing to go with the camo vinyl rather than multi-color turned out to be a really good decision.  The camo design gives it a cool look that appeals to a larger audience.  This one is popular among all ages and rents out quite often for high school graduation parties in June.

We rent it for $595 for four hours or $645 for up to eight hours.  As with all obstacle courses, cleaning it is a bit of a pain, but the rental price makes up for it.

This unit consists of two pieces, each pretty equal in size and weight.  With a total weight of 750 lbs, each piece weighs a manageable 375 lbs.

Obstacle courses are not big renters in July and August here in the northeast, but April through June and September through October are great months for this inflatable.

2) Wild Rapids Water Slide by 

This was our most popular water slide this year, and has our highest rental rate for a water slide at $525 for four hours or $575 for up to eight hours.

It is very similar to the classic Big Kahuna water slide, of which we own two, but the Wild Rapids slide is eight feet longer.  The extra length gives the rider a slightly longer ride, but more importantly from a safety standpoint, more landing area at the bottom of the slide to slow down before the wall.

This thing is really built solidly. You can turn of the blower and it will be a couple of minutes before it even starts to sag. The tight seams keep water from seeping inside the unit, which is a real plus for a water slide already weighing 519 lbs dry.

Like the Boot Camp Obstacle Course, this unit also grosses us about $20,000 per year, and that is all done in June, July and August.

3) Excalibur Bounce & Slide Combo by 

Bounce & slide combos as a category do very well for us, but the Excalibur stands out.  I think this is partly due to it being a standard red, blue, yellow castle theme that works for all events.  But also, it is a really sharp looking inflatable, and that sells (or rents, in this case).

We own the 5-in-1 high base model, which I highly recommend over the low base units.  The low base units are a little soft if you ask me, and I don’t like how the bottom of the slide extends outside of the unit.  The high base model solves both of these issues.

I’ve always felt that eInflatables has the nicest looking inflatables.  They tend to weigh more than I think they should. I swear the listed weight on their website for their inflatables is about 20% below reality.  But I appreciate the quality and they really look good.

We rent the Excalibur for $295 for four hours or $345 for up to eight hours and it grosses us about $16,000 per year.

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